We know that "under construction" pages are so very 1996, but we wanted to get our contact information out there as soon as we possibly could.  Bear with us, and we'll have this site full of good information as quickly as we possibly can.


© 2014 Apothecaria LLC.  All rights reserved.  Apothecaria is a limited liability corporation (or LLC) headquartered in the great state of Oregon.  You know, this tiny text is generally full of boring legal stuff, like disclaimers and declarations of rights and stuff like that.  But you're reading this anyway, which suggests you're either very inquisitive or very bored.  So here's the deal: if you're a legal OMMP cardholder, next time you come into Apothecaria, say the secret word (it's "weasel") and we'll give you a free preroll (one per customer).  Consider it a reward for being detail-oriented -- we like that.  But please don't tell anyone else... make them find it for themselves!